Identify and treat veterans and others suffering from Concussion/TBI/PTSD

Over a year ago, a Coalition of specialists came together to prepare a Clinical Trial to treat brain injuries in wounded warriors and others with similar afflictions; results are uniformly positive. The second, full-blown multi-center Randomized Controlled Trial, will serve as the basis of an appeal to the military, the VA and insurance companies to begin insuring treatments that lead TBI patients back to more normal existence.

The science behind hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) continues to show that brain injuries do not have to mean a lifetime of crippling pain and severely diminished quality of life, whether for soldiers, athletes or civilians.

For less than two percent of the cost of lifetime care for the brain injured, from whatever source, based on our preliminary research, we might be able to return up to 85% of the wounded with mild to moderate brain injuries to more meaningful and healed lives. Pro bono, we have already returned over 340 patients to work, school and/or active duty.

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