BLOG #9: Brain Injured Bill of Rights

You are entitled to know that some of the best researchers on brain injury have shown that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) can usually provide quick relief from symptoms after Concussion while treating and healing the wound to the brain. That healing dramatically accelerates recovery from Acute Concussion.

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BLOG #8: Parents’ and Students’ Enhanced Healing Concussion Protocol

The most important message is that you must be your own advocate for brain healing. This idea of a “wound to the brain” is unconventional. The treatment, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and other alternative interventions, are controversial but are backed up by decades of clinical experience, evidence, peer-reviewed science, and over 7,500 success stories attesting to the power of oxygen under pressure to speed healing.

Dr. Daphne Denham, the nation’s premier expert in using Hyperbaric Oxygenation (HBOT) to treat and help heal brain wounds, is amassing evidence that active intervention with HBOT can dramatically reduce symptoms and shorten the negative consequences of Acute Concussions.  348 out of 350 success stories with Acute Concussions, all within days of the injury.

Worldwide research and evidence-based medicine attest to the medical significance of HBOT in treating and healing many kinds of wounds to the brain and is all parts of the body. Seek medical attention immediately, but demand that they talk to you about HBOT therapy. If they don’t, get a second or third opinion.

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Legislative Alert: S.785 to Prevent Veteran Suicide

The Commander John Scott Hannon Veterans Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Bill Unanimously Passed in the Senate. Bipartisan legislation to connect veterans with life-saving care is one step closer to becoming law.

“Sadly, our veterans continue to struggle with mental health, and through no fault of their own, this pandemic has led to more veterans being isolated from friends and family and cut off from lifesaving services,” said Chairman Moran. “Now, more than ever, we need to invest into mental health services for veterans especially for those in hard-to-reach areas in rural America. The Senate took an important step by unanimously passing this legislation, and I urge my colleagues in the House to act quickly so our veterans can access critical mental health services to help prevent veteran suicide.”

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BLOG #7: BLAST injury and Lessons for Patients and Parents

The logical extension of the DOD/VA/Army findings in the LANCET article is that we must treat the wound to the brain using wound-healing protocols. The validity of using HBOT for healing the wound to the brain is validated in the most recent research. Unsurprisingly, delivering oxygen under pressure safely and economically leads to effective wound healing. And numerous other interventions for comorbid maladies have a much better chance of effectiveness when the concussion cascade is interrupted and reversed.

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BLOG #6: Special Operators at Increased Risk of Suicide

The TreatNOW Coalition, in association with dozens of VSOs and clinics across the US, is focused on suicides and brain-wounded Special Operators using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and some adjunct therapies. Thanks to groups like America’s Mighty Warriors, there are over 7,500 success stories with other service members, professional and amateur athletes, and civilians with TBI/PTSD.

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BLOG #5: The Obvious Question: If HBOT works, why aren’t we using it?

Over seventeen peer-reviewed studies using HBOT to treat TBI and PTSD show conclusively that hyperbaric oxygenation for those conditions is safe and effective.

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BLOG #4: HBOT Science, Experience, Peer-Reviewed Research, and Testimonials

The Stories that follow are illustrative of the work the TreatNOW Coalition has been performing for ten years: over 7,500 successes with Veterans, Active duty, National Guard, Reserves, First Responders, citizens and athletes returned to healthier lives

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BLOG #3: Hyperbaric Oxygenation to Heal a Brain Wound

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is an oxygen treatment in an enclosed chamber that enhances the body’s natural healing processes by inhalation of 100% oxygen, using increased atmospheric pressure to help heal under controlled conditions. HBOT is proven to treat a wide variety of medical conditions, usually as part on an overall medical care plan.

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BLOG #2: Fundamentals of Concussion, TBI, PTSD, PCS

A concussion is a form of traumatic brain injury (TBI), a wound to the brain. The current medical standard of care for concussions relies on a protocol that essentially recommends rest. It is thought that this resting period will allow the brain to recover. Indeed, it is “common knowledge” that 80-90 percent of concussions “get better” on their own.[i] Not “heal” mind you, merely recover. While it is true that some symptoms will diminish over time, it is equally true that merely waiting for those symptoms to go away – or using drugs to control symptoms — is not our best medicine, nor is this good for the wounded brain, either in the short term but especially over time.

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BLOG #1: Brain Injuries can be healed

Here’s the Bottom Line, Up Front. We intend to accelerate the conversation and change the way we think about and treat brain injuries. The data and evidence from science and clinical medicine tell us that brain wounds are treatable.

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