TreatNOW Suggested Concussion/(m) TBI Protocol Alternative Treatments to consider for mTBI/Concussion Protocol

It is important to begin with the Protocol in place for your sport. In addition, a thorough physical diagnosis, to include attention to the neck and spine, should be performed immediately. A SPECT scan can help with diagnosing functional damage, whereas CAT and MRI scans cannot. Actions can be taken quickly to suppress inflammation/edema and to repair damaged brains. Several alternative treatments are being used; some are extablished safe and effective and validated with worldwide clinical evidence:

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Omega 3s and nutritional supplements known to enhance brain health [call for current thinking]
  • Physical therapy, to include chiropractic

Other therapies being used to stimulate brain healing:

  • Near infrared therapy
  • Low laser light therapy

TreatNOW supports any intervention with demonstrated scientific validity showing promise of treating and helping to heal underlying physical brain injury. There are no lack of cognitive and psychological therapies that can much more effectively be administered once the brain healing therapies are begun.