DOD Suicide Prevention and Response Independent Review Committee (SPRIRC) Releases Report

The Department of Defense has taken note of the SPRIRC’s work and will use it to enhance their current approach in three key priority areas. 

These areas include fostering quality of life, building healthy climates and cultures, addressing stigma as a barrier to help-seeking, and promoting a culture of lethal means safety.

The SPRIRC report focuses on four main areas, including restructuring suicide prevention training, providing additional resources to help Service Members access existing support services, promoting lethal means safety, and emphasizing leader stewardship in addressing Service Member needs. 

The Department of Defense recognizes that suicide is a complex issue with no single cause or solution but is committed to promoting the well-being, health, and morale of their Total Force and preventing suicide within their ranks.

Secretary Austin has emphasized that the Department’s most valuable resource is its people and that they will spare no effort in working to prevent suicide and save lives. 

The Department is calling on everyone to redouble their commitment to this cause and work together to eliminate suicide within their ranks.

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