Putting the Brakes on Veteran Suicidal Ideation


**2nd in a five-part series on the Implications of HBOT when used to heal brain wounds,
eliminate suicidal ideation, restore lives, and save Billions of dollars

The updated UHMS definition of HBOT demands action. We are exploring at least five in this series: the first was the significance of the new/old science and mandatory revisions in scientific facts. This second Blog looks at suicide costs and data, and the action called for by the new science.

It’s not often that so many societal forces come together at such a positive inflection point for Veterans. The President’s Budget calls for over $497M for Suicide Prevention. The VA writes that Suicide Prevention is its #1 clinical priority. $697M is allocated for a new 988 Suicide Crisis line and Behavioral Health Services Program. National campaigns continue to identify suicide risk factors and suicide prevention strategies. Massive State, Foundation, and Veteran-help budgets are devoted to Suicide Prevention programs.

Lacking again this Veterans Day is identification of a major contributor to Veteran suicides: proper risk assessment and diagnoses of brain wounds, and the “cure” for suicidal ideation that typically accompanies TBI/PTSD. We use the word “cure” cautiously because so many complicating factors weigh in on a decision to succumb to thoughts of suicide. Yet the rate continues to climb among active duty and veteran service members, even as the TreatNOW Coalition continues to show how Hyperbaric Oxygenation “cures” suicidal ideation and restores brain health.

The TreatNOW Coalition has been arguing for a proper assessment of science on the use of Hyperbaric Oxygenation for TBI/PTSD for over 14 years. 22 peer-reviewed scientific publications and over 21,000 success stories treating brain wounds demonstrate the safety and efficacy of HBOT-for-TBI/PTSD/suicide ideation. Facts demand change n policy and medical intervetions. Scientific proof – including the data in DOD/VA/Army studies — show safety and efficacy. Anecdotal evidence worldwide is also proof that we can do more than current approaches to end suicidal ideation, save lives, and restore quality of life to the brain-wounded. See this video for a personal story of a brush with suicide, and the heroic outcome.


A few facts are necessary to choose an additional way forward.

  • Since 9/11 the US military has endured over 109,000 suicides
  • The suicide rate is largely unaltered by White House, NIH, CDC, VA, DoD, US Army, USMC prevention programs despite continual budget increases.
  • Current programs focus on “risk/protective factors” and never mention healing brain wounds, a proven factor in suicidal ideation.
  • The most recent White House strategy makes it seem as though PSA videos on gun safety and better communication are working. Claiming that “We increasingly know what works” is not the same as preventing suicide and reversing the trends.
  • Despite B of $/years of research, no science is available to support government prevention programs.
  • Government programs continue to avoid naming BRAIN WOUNDS as a debilitating injury that is healed with Hyperbaric Oxygenation, along with ending suicidal ideation.
  • Combat wounds, particularly blast injury and trauma, contribute to what the VA asserts: “TBI Veterans are 2.45 times more likely to die by suicide.”
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for TBI/PTSD Injured Restores Hope/Life, and “cures” Suicidal Ideation.
  • TreatNOW. Heal brains. Stop Suicides. Restore lives.

Prepared by Guest Contributor: James Hooker, 703-994-5201 jamesshooker39@gmail.com.

For the full Point Paper, see Latest News, TreatNOW.org

For a comprehensive look at what is NOT working with DOD/VA Interventions to fight brain wounding, see here.

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The TreatNOW Coalition is 135+ clinics across the US that treat and help heal brain wounds and Burn Pit symptoms using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and other alternative therapies. TreatNOW’s Mission is to end service member suicides. Service members suicides have once again increased, continuing a fifteen year trend. Coalition clinics have demonstrated 100% safety and over 90% success in treating over 21,000 service members, Special Operators, first responders, athletes and citizens with TBI/PTSD/Concussion.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is used around the world to extend and improve quality of life by augmenting the treatment of all injuries, diseases and infections, as well as to improve overall wellness. HBOT involves breathing 100% oxygen in a pressurized chamber to increase oxygen levels in blood plasma. A century of clinical research has shown that increased oxygen in plasma accelerates our natural ability to heal through neurogenesis, angiogenesis, pain reduction, anti-inflammation, and stem cell generation.

The information provided by TreatNOW.org does not constitute a medical recommendation. It is intended for informational purposes only, and no claims, either real or implied, are being made. If you or anyone you know is contemplating suicide, please immediately contact the new ###: 988 or the old Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255 (Press 1)