Invisible Wounds of War From CBS Affiliate in Miami

The Invisible Wounds of War

MIAMI (CBS4) – “I was extremely suicidal,” admitted Barry Offenburger, a U.S. Army veteran.

“I was just a couple of inches between life and death,” confessed Jeffrey Ruiz, who also joined the Army.

READ MORE:Miami Police Release Body Camera Footage Of Scuffle Before Officer-Involved Shooting“I was drinking,” said Barry.

“I was having a lot of anxiety. I was having nightmares,” declared Ruiz.

Offenburger added, “I had rage, anger issues, wanted to start fights with random people.”

Thirty-three year old Offenburger of Miami survived 8-months in Afghanistan. Twenty-five year old Jeffrey Ruiz of Houston spent 13-months in Iraq.

Each soldier made it home whole, all limbs intact…. but broken and tormented by their invisible wounds.