Part 2 – LTC Joy Thomas

In Part II of the Client Spotlight Series, we’re bringing you the story of Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) Joy Thomas.

With 18 years of decorated service to this nation, LTC Joy Thomas became a whistleblower after refusing to alter the findings and recommendations of a suicide investigation that painted the Command negatively.

Shortly thereafter, she was in a Court Martial proceeding, facing 24 charges, and at risk of losing her benefits, honor, and dignity.

In the two-week Court Martial trial, the Government spent over $1 Million dollars and brought in 48 witnesses to prove their case against her in an attempt to protect the careers of its Commanders.

Through the efforts of USJAG and her legal counsel, attorney Davis Younts, LTC Thomas was found not guilty on 23 of the 24 charges, was given a $1000 fine for rolling her eyes, and will be fully medically retired.

In other words, the Government spent over $1 Million dollars of tax payer money, to collect $1000.

A national news story is being worked on and will delve into the details of the Court Martial trial and the lengths the Government and Department of Defense went to protect the careers of its Commanders and tarnish the reputation of USJAG’s client.


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