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BLOG #4: HBOT Science, Experience, Peer-Reviewed Research, and Testimonials

The Stories that follow are illustrative of the work the TreatNOW Coalition has been performing for ten years: over 7,500 successes with Veterans, Active duty, National Guard, Reserves, First Responders, citizens and athletes returned to healthier lives after being told there was little to nothing conventional medicine could do to heal the wounds to their brains: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Concussion, and Post Concussive Syndrome (PCS) Some success stories can be viewed at:
MSGT Scott Roessler
CAPT Smotherman/Rep John Bennett
Joe Namath, football
The Honorable Patt Maney (BG, USA)
GnySgt Rotenberry & wife
Brian Fleury – Hockey Player
NFL legend Joe Namath. Five big concussions. Memory loss, balance, brain fog. Awash in pain and suicides and CTE of friends. Post HBOT: Poster child for HBOT. Lectures on his recovery and deterioration of his friends. Strong advocate for HBOT and against delay and denial of Concussions in NFL.
USMC Camp Lejeune, Wounded Warrior Battalion. Brain injured Marines are now being sent to Extivita HBOT clinic in Durham, NC for treatment for brain injuries. All patients to date have shown significant medical improvement. See evidence here.
Joe Delamielleure, Buffalo Bills, HOF. Memory, brain fog, pain. 80 dives after plea to help him in Charlotte NC. Post-HBOT. Spokesman for HBOT. Lectures to NFL Players and veterans about his recovery and need for HBOT in every locker room.
Dave Robinson, Green Bay, HOF. Countless concussions leading over decades to problems with memory, sleep, balance, pain, fatigue. Post-HBOT in 2020: Relief! Board of Directors, Professional Football Retired Players Assc, lobbying for Wellness Centers sponsored by NFL to treat veterans of the gridiron and the battlefield at the same time.
Margaux Mange. Iraq veteran. Major head injury, brain surgery, failed marriage, depression, suicidal. Told to get used to her new normal. No more could be done. Post-HBOT: 90 dives. Hiked to South Pole with Prince Harry, hiked across US and up Denali. Essentially drug and symptom free. 4-time Wounded Warrior Olympics champion.
Judge Patt Maney (BG, USA, ret). IED survivor Afghanistan. 15 months w/out progress at Walter Reed. 1st HBOT patient in 2006. Over 120 dives. Post-HBOT: Returned to elected Judgeship. Instituted Veteran Courts in FL and lectures nationwide on need for HBOT and special treatment of veterans with brain injury.
Senior Force Recon Marine. Survived Fallujah and over 7 concussions. Constant ER visits with migraines and 6 different pills for 13 years until wife, worried about suicide talk, found HBOT. Post-HBOT: Refused HBOT by his unit, Cmdr approved 30-day leave. 40 dives in one month from pro bono civilian clinic. Now instructor, reports no longer “the anger gunny.”
Recently retired SEAL with over 2 dozen tours and dozens of concussive events: IEDs, friendly fire, breaching. Reports dozens of his unit in equally bad shape, “hollowed out” and needing help. Post-HBOT: Treated quietly off-base, over 40 dives, after being told HBOT could ruin his career. Feels he has been given new lease on life. Advocating for forward-deployed HBOT chambers, and HBOT treatment as standard of care for combat. See his story here.
348 out of 350 Acute Concussion patients. Dr Denham reports that 98% of patients in her Fargo ND clinic treated within ten days of suffering a concussion, completely resolved their symptoms in five treatments or less [average of 2.4 treatments]. The same is true worldwide.
Here are a sample of the science, demonstrations of safety and efficacy, growing acceptance, and reasons for hope that medicine can and will change:
* Seventeen peer-reviewed HBOT-for-TBI studies, five of which are the highest quality scientific trials, including DoD/Va/Army research, showed that participants receiving HBOT had improved post-concussive and PTSD symptoms, sleep quality, and some anger and memory outcomes compared to sham at 13 weeks. Improvements with HBOT were sometimes larger in participants with PTSD. …………… In all four military-sponsored studies, participants exposed to HBO2 reported symptom improvement. In two trials, participants exposed to sham also improved. The magnitude of improvement in self-reported assessments by 13 weeks is larger than any non-hyperbaric intervention previously reported.”
*Florida and North Carolina joined five other states that have now passed legislation calling for the use of HBOT for use with veterans: Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, Kentucky, and Arizona. Legislators in several other states are queuing legislative language along similar lines. Much more is available here.
* Continuing the accumulation of positive data, Dr. George Wolf, the US Government’s premier HBOT expert, reported recently that “[HBOT] for mild [TBI] and PTSD should be considered a legitimate adjunct therapy.” here. This reinforces data by Dr. Lindell Weaver in his Brain Injury and Mechanisms of Action of HBO2 for Persistent Post-Concussive Symptoms After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (BIMA) Protocol with 71 patients. His conclusions: “By 13 weeks, HBO2 improved post-concussive and PTSD symptoms, cognitive processing speed, sleep quality, and vestibular symptoms, most dramatically in those with PTSD.” here.
* Dr Ray Quock, PhD, of Washington State Univ. presented on HBOT in the Treatment of Opioid Addiction. He showed how HBOT reduces the time for withdrawal from opioid addiction symptoms by up to one half, partially as a result of relief from chronic pain for three to four weeks.
* Dr. Xavier Figueroa summarized the current body of knowledge: “There is sufficient evidence for the safety and preliminary efficacy data from clinical studies to support the use of HBOT in mild traumatic brain injury/persistent post concussive syndrome (mTBI/PPCS). The reported positive outcomes and the durability of those outcomes has been demonstrated at six months post HBOT treatment. Given the current policy by Tricare and the VA to allow physicians to prescribe drugs or therapies in an off-label manner for mTBI/PPCS management and reimburse for the treatment, it is past time that HBOT be given the same opportunity. This is now an issue of policy modification and reimbursement, not an issue of scientific proof or preliminary clinical efficacy.”(more)
The information provided by does not constitute a medical recommendation. It is intended for informational purposes only, and no claims, either real or implied, are being made.