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HBOT: Brain Healing Hidden in Plain Sight

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Combat Stress magazine is written with our military service men and women and their families in mind. We want all of our guests and members to find contentment in their lives by learning about stress management and finding what works best for each of them. Stress is unavoidable and comes in many shapes and sizes. Being in a state of peaceful happiness may seem like a very lofty goal. Serving in the military brings unique challenges, without adding the harmful mental and physical effects of serving during war time. AIS is dedicated to helping you and your family cope with and heal your mind and body from the stress associated with military life.

Current Issue:

HBOT: Brain Healing Hidden in Plain Sight
March 2018
Vol. 1 of 2-Part HBOT Series

In this issue: 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Alternative Therapies: Healing Brain Wounds Safely, Effectively and Inexpensively
What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
HBOT: Effective Treatment of the Silent (Signature) Injuries of Combat
The Next Generation in Brain Recovery and Neurogeneration
Old World Wisdom, New World Healing and Health
CES for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury
Documentary Review: Trauma
To Veterans with Invisible Wounds
Sacred Duty Broken Promise: A Call to Action In Treating Our Wounded
Coming Home