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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy May Be the First, Only Clinically Effective Treatment for Long COVID

Therapies like HBOT are an exciting innovation that can transform the treatment of long COVID. HBOT can provide long term improvements to neuroplasticity and reduce brain damage—it is the only therapy that has been proven safe and effective, improving psychological symptoms, pain symptoms, and quality of life in patients with long COVID. Read More
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This report brings you information about the use of HBOT to help with symptoms due to Long Haul COVID. Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) can be used to get a drug into use. Using HBOT to fight long-haul COVID and the heal brain wounds from TBI/PTSD/Concussion could be done safely, effectively, and immediately. Read More
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Dr Paul Harch Interview on HBOT for COVID

In this short talk Dr. Harch reviews COVID-19 infection, the virus, the clinical course, deterioration of patients, laboratory findings, and the pathology in the lungs. He characterizes the lung injury as a wound in the lungs with primary problems of inflammation and low oxygen levels. He then shows how similar infection/wound diagnoses with inflammation and low oxygen levels have been successfully treated with hyperbaric oxygen.

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