DR. Joe Maroon on HBOT for Anti-Aging

“Alternative nonpharmaceutical treatments appear to be gaining acceptance for the treatment of common neurodegenerative conditions, memory decline, and reduced cognitive function. Substantial animal and human research now suggests that these same natural dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals, and the use of hyperbaric oxygen may be a better first-line choice for the treatment of PCS [post-concussive syndrome], which has generally been underreported by both athletes and the military.”
Dr. Joe Maroon, Pittsburgh Steelers team neurosurgeon, triathlete, IMPACT entrepreneur, Concussion expert, researcher, author, and now patient, wrote the above over a decade ago. He has now written of his new adventure, his participation in HBOT-for-anti-aging treatment at Florida’s Aviv Hyperbaric Clinic.
This BlogPost is the first of three parts dissecting his three month experience at the AVIV Clinic, an experience that he believes “changed my life.” Part One sets the stage for his treatment: a short history of Hypebaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), a quick discussion of brain aging, the science of HBOT, and recent positive scientific results using HBOT for improved brain function.
In PART TWO, he will look to the uses and benefits of HBOT for other organs, his experience with testing, and the Aviv Protocol using HBOT and other alternative therapies over 90 days. He promises to explain how the Protocol potentially activates the birth of new brain cells, and enhances the development of new brain cell connections.  PART THREE will be the “reveal” of his results. 
Dr. Maroon writes that “I have personally recommended HBOT to numerous patients who have suffered from prolonged post-concussion syndrome with residual headaches, insomnia, vision changes and foggy thinking. The results have been very positive with complete resolution of symptoms in many cases.” A reading of Part One is a down payment on his personal journey to improve and prolong his life, and the life of his patients, using HBOT.
From his lips to God’s ears.
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