TreatNOW’s Mission is to end service member suicides; service members suicides have once again increased, continuing a fifteen year trend. Coalition clinics have demonstrated 100% safety and over 90% success in treating over 21,000 service members, Special Operators, first responders, athletes and citizens with TBI/PTSD/Concussion. Read more

Lest We Forget

KOTERRA, America’s Mighty Warriors, the 22 Project, BurnPits360, the HUGS Project, PFRPA, Stand for the Troops, over 130 clinics and the TreatNOW Coalition remind us of other statistics that get lost too often. Read more

Memorial Day 2022: Suicide Prevention Funding

The US Dept. of Veterans Affairs has launched open submissions for Mission Daybreak, a $20 million grand challenge to reduce Veteran suicides. Phase 1 calls on innovators to develop suicide prevention solutions that meet the diverse needs of Veterans. Read more

Press Release: Dr Harch Review mTBI/PPCS

In multiple randomized and randomized controlled studies, HBOT at 1.5 ATA oxygen demonstrated statistically significant symptomatic and cognitive or cognitive improvements alone in patients with mild traumatic brain injury Persistent Post-concussion Syndrome. . . . Improvements were greater when patients had comorbid Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. . . Read more

Dr Joe Maroon Receives Award from NFL Physicians Society

The NFL Physicians Society (NFLPS) awarded the Arthur C. Rettig Award for Academic Excellence to Joseph C. Maroon, MD, neurosurgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers for 38 years. His research was presented at the NFLPS scientific meeting during the 2022 NFL Scouting Combine in a presentation, “The Use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment (HBOT) for Post-Concussion Syndrome, PTSD and Physical Performance Enhancement.” The prestigious award is given annually to an NFL team physician for academic excellence in research in advancing the health and safety of players in the NFL. Read more

Concussions and Mental Health in Youth

As this study from Canada shows, Concussions can lead to mental health problems in youth. It has clear from years that untreated brain wounds cause disruptions in health: mental, physical, emotional, behavioral, etc. Parents and Students do not have to sit idly by, hoping that time will “heal” the wound. Read more


If you are a Veteran diagnosed with a Diabetic Foot Ulcer (DFU) or had an amputation resulting from diabetes, we Read more

New Israeli Study: Hyperbaric Oxygenation Can Dramatically Reduce PTSD Symptoms

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves symptoms, brain’s microstructure and functionality in veterans with treatment resistant post-traumatic stress disorder: A prospective, randomized, controlled trial Read more

Conference addresses why so many veterans are dying by suicide, how to save them

At a conference, in person and virtual, the question why do so many veterans are dying by suicide and what more can be done to abate the problem. Dr Robert Beckman of the organization TreatNOW argues that a lot of mental illness that leads to suicide is the result of physical maladies inside the brain that could have been cured. He calls for Hyperbaric oxygenation of the brain, essentially, flushing the brain with oxygen to clear and heal potentially wounded areas. Read more

DR. Joe Maroon on HBOT for Anti-Aging

Dr. Joe Maroon, Pittsburgh Steelers team neurosurgeon, triathlete, IMPACT entrepreneur, Concussion expert, researcher, author, and now patient, he has now written of his new adventure, his participation in HBOT-for-anti-aging treatment at Florida’s Aviv Hyperbaric Clinic.

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